1. Editorial-Adrian Cotirlet

2. Portal vein Serghei Suman

3. Ocluzia intestinala mecanică, o complicație rară a endometriozei Cristinel Badiu

4. GASTRIC LIPOMA review Gheorghe Ghidirim

5. The “how” and the “why” of rib fracture stabilization review Irina Gragan

6. Remote outcomes and life quality of patients undergoing reconstructive surgery for benign biliary stricturesOriginal papers Alexandru Ferdohleb)

7. Traumatic score Oleg Arnaut

8. Surgical vs. Chemical Ovariectomy in the Treatment of Breast Cancer Liliana Bacalim

9.Ileocolic intusussception Liviu Dubei Case report

10. Amoebic liver abscess Bogdan Ciuntu case report

11.History of Surgery Dr Victor Gomoiu Dana Baran