1. Editorial

2. Tatiana Malcova Management of penetrating cardiac injuries literature review

3. Radulescu D  Anastomotic leakage and fistula after gastric and esophageal cancer surgery – a literature review

4. A. Ursu. Clinical importance of predictive markers of colorectal cancer a review of literature

5.Ghe G. Balan The incomplete papillotomy when less is worse

6. Nicoleta Anton Clinical study to assess the degree of dry eye and ocular surface disease in patients with glaucoma and diabetes

7. Diaconescu M.R. Surgery in leukemias

8. Tarcoveanu E. Rare tumors, association rare primitive malignant Non-Hodgkin gastric limphoma and intestinal stromal tumor

9.Ingrid Tanase The management of eclampsia associated with HELLP syndrome in pregnancy

10. Professor dr. Nicolae Negură and the first school of surgery in Iași